Corporate Incorporation in the Middle East

Foreign investors can carry out any activities in the UAE only after being registered and licensed by the relevant authorities in the UAE. In general, a foreign investor can establish a suitable business presence in either the UAE mainland (also commonly known as ‘onshore’) or a business presence ‘offshore’. An ‘offshore’ business presence typically refers to a registration in one of the UAE free trade zones. This type of registration of business inside the free trade zone is not to be confused with the regulatory system for offshore companies (also referred to as ‘International Business Companies’) which exist in certain freezones.
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Dubai as a destination for business

Dubai has made great strides in opening up new avenues for economic growth. Over the last decade, it has developed itself into a strategic hub for international businesses to tap opportunities in the fast-growing emerging markets surrounding it. This development has been guided by a comprehensive economic diversification plan focused on developing key sectors that can accelerate economic growth, not only in Dubai and the UAE, but also the entire region. Read more